Dentist Marketing Strategy: Finding your Target Audience

When you are trying to grow your dental practice, you want to make sure that the message of your available dental services, location, and other important information reaches the right people. After all, what’s the use in marketing your dental practice to people who live too far away or who have no need of what you are offering? Finding your target audience is perhaps the most essential part of an effective marketing strategy. Here are some tips for making sure you are reaching the people who best fit your prospective patient profile.

Use Analytic Data

Chances are you’ve heard of Google Analytics, and have maybe even worked with it a bit to try to help boost your online search results. The sheer amount of analytic data we have on hand in this day and age is mind-boggling. Using Google Analytics can help you effectively pinpoint the demographics of those you are trying to reach by providing statistical information such as age and location, as well as important information about the keywords they use the most when conducting an online search that leads them to your website. This is all good to know, as it can help you gear your website content towards those specific keywords to get you more page views, which can ultimately lead to more patients.

Conduct Surveys

By sending your current patients a quick online survey to complete, you can gain insight into what made them become your patients in the first place, as well as what they like most about your practice, and what they feel could use some work. By asking the opinions of your current patients, you can discover what led them to your practice and use that information to gain new patients through your marketing.

Use Social Media

If you haven’t already, create a Facebook page and a Twitter account for your practice. Then, use them regularly to inform patients and prospects about anything related to your practice. Remember to keep posts short and concise. Social media posts are most effective when they are delivered in small, easy-to-absorb sentences. You can inform your target audience about anything to do with dental health. Writing posts with commonly asked questions or topics of interest can attract new patients. You can let them know you’re currently accepting new patients.

Consider Marketing Services

We know you are busy with the day-to-day operations of your dental practice. Don’t feel bad if you can’t devote more time to effectively market to your target audience. Hiring a marketing service to provide solutions and create online and social media marketing strategies can be a real game-changer. If you’re looking to add new patients to your practice, a dental marketing team is right for you!

Most of all, it’s important to remember that you are a provider of an essential service- dental care! Your prospective patients likely don’t need to be convinced that they need dental services. They already understand the value of healthy teeth and a bright smile. By finding your target audience and you can be successful at adding new patients to your growing dental practice!

If a Dental Marketing Team is right for you, check out our pricing and services. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have.