Keep your Practice Fresh with a Strong Online Presence

TitanDental is here to help grow your practice by enhancing your online presence. By creating and maintaining beautiful website and mobile app interfaces for your practice, utilizing our extensive search engine optimization skills, and building your social media presence, TitanDental can take your practice to the next level, increasing your patient base and getting your practice the visibility it needs to grow. Allowing your prospective patients to find you online quickly and easily with the help of TitanDental can help take your practice further than you ever dreamed, in a simple, clear-cut process.

It’s All About Mobile

Did you know that over 50% of internet searches are now initiated on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets? That number continues to grow, which is bad news if your website is only optimized for full-size computer screens. Nothing can be more frustrating for a user than to try to access information on a website that is hard to read on a mobile device. These days, having a company website that functions perfectly on all types of devices is crucial to your business. TitanDental uses a website development practice called Responsive Design Technology to make sure your website automatically resizes and adjusts to fit virtually any tablet, smartphone or computer, making your visitors an ideal, frustration-free experience regardless of which device they use.

Top of the Heap

In a typical local Google search, you want your company’s website to end up in one of three places: 

These three places, known as the “Local 3-Pack,” are where you want to be to get your practice noticed by the most potential patients. TitanDental can help get you there!

Strengthen your Practice Growth Online-Two Important Steps

Not Your Parents’ Dental Office-the Ever-Changing Face of Marketing your Practice

Not that long ago, if a dental practice wanted to drum up new patients, “outbound marketing” with flyers, Yellow Pages listing ads and mailers were considered the best way to advertise. These days, it’s all about inbound marketing- that is, marketing that assesses and utilizes prospective patients’ needs and interests to draw them to your practice. Effectively executing search engine optimization with Google, Bing and Yahoo!, as well as strengthening social media presence in outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ can connect you with potential patients who are searching for a practice just like yours.